Why cuckolding?

Of all the fetishes, why this one? Don’t you find it demasculinizing? That’s kind of the point, actually. Let me describe it from my perspective. As an intelligent middle aged pro-feminist male I see first hand the misogyny that exists in our western culture. I also somewhat resent my upbringing that was christian-based patriarchy i-am-man-here-me-roar […]

As Our Husbands Watch

Originally posted on Erotic Yearnings:
kissing tenderly, as our husbands watch, their passions temporarily placid, bodies weary, cocks shiny and flaccid, our mouths tasting of their cum, and of scotch, fingers tenderly explore moistened crotch, head moving down, as yours hands gently urge, till my delving tongue, makes arousal surge, finding your hard clit, jutting…

Fantasy – Cheating Wife

I had this fantasy about my wife the other night.   Her – getting ready for a date “on the side”. Taking extra care, longer than usual, in getting prepared for her date.  A long shower, making sure she is smooth for him. Putting on her favorite perfume.  Attentively putting on her sexiest makeup and […]

Addicted to cuckolding

Originally posted on Cuckold Confession:
Sometimes I think the intensity of the cuckold desire feels like an addiction. Sometimes it’s all I can think about, all I can fantasize about. I think about my wife on Ashley Madison or discovering a trail of secret text messages. During sex I think about those infedilities, wondering about…